Client Town of Milton
Industry Municipal Government
Product Type Training Videos

Key Takeaways

  • Staff dealing with sensitive and confidential information needed training in cyber security
  • Training needed to be recorded to deliver consistent message at scale
  • Enable Education assisted a subject expert with messaging strategy and video production

How Enable Education Helped Deliver Policy Training at Scale

Milton, Ontario is a booming community in southern Ontario. Situated right in the middle of the Toronto-Waterloo Region Innovation Corridor, the town of Milton has experienced unprecedented growth—in a relatively short time, the population jumped from 32,500 to more than 110,000 and shows no sign of stopping. No longer a bedroom community, this vibrant and diverse town needed more support and infrastructure at the local government level.

Town hall experienced its own growth as it raced to keep up with residents. New and existing staff needed to be trained and updated on certain policies, like cyber security. The town partnered with a leading cyber security consultant to develop strategies for keeping municipal staff and confidential information safe from hackers and cyber crime. The challenge was how to deliver this strategy at scale and make it available for future hires.

The Niagara Escarpment as seen from Milton, Ontario--a town that needed help with policy training at the municipal level.
Enable Education made it possible for the Town to deliver policy training to its staff that will help them avoid costly mistakes with cyber crime.
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A growing staff and changing policies meant lots of people needed new information to do their job safely in this digital era. Their main challenges included:
  • How to update all new and current staff on better cyber security practices;
  • How to bottle the knowledge of an expensive consultant;
  • How to avoid overwhelming people with a lot of information without skipping important details;
  • How to keep staff and confidential information safe from cyber crime.
Close up looking in to a pair of glasses to screens with codes. Enable Education helped fight cyber crime with cyber security policy training.

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Enable Makes It Easy

The Town’s Manager of Enterprise Business Systems connected with Enable Education to solve this problem. Enable invited the Town and their cyber security expert into our training studio where we identified key topics. We broke the long single presentation into five separate blocks and delivered the fully edited videos (complete with Town branding, animations, name banners, and closed captioning) back to the Town within weeks.

This had multiple benefits:

  • The Town got 45 minutes worth of quality, professionally produced videos that were funny, engaging, and full of relatable stories.
  • Closed captioning enables deaf employees to benefit from the training.
  • The knowledge of an expensive consultant was bottled into five laser-focused videos.
  • Enable’s video producer and education manager provided on-the-spot performance and training feedback.
  • Cyber security videos allowed the Town of Milton to deliver training on new policies at scale.
  • Staff have access to the videos for refresher courses at any time without rescheduling presentations with the consultant.
Town of Milton Testimonial

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