Client SearchVelocity
Industry Recruitment
Product Type Client Training Videos

Key Takeaways

  • Professional recruiter noticed his clients were experiencing high employee turnover
  • New hires were leaving within 18 months or less to pursue other job opportunities
  • Recruiter wanted to provide information to clients to help them reduce churn while positioning him as an expert in the tech recruitment industry
  • Enable Education helped the recruiter create knowledge-rich client training videos about onboarding with scripting support and high production values

How Enable Education Helped an Entrepreneur Produce Video Content

Rick Stomphorst, principle recruiter for SearchVelocity, identified a problem causing his clients a lot of grief. Companies were experiencing frequent churn with their head count. Months of effort was being spent on attracting, interviewing, and hiring qualified candidates only for them to leave their new positions in less than 18 months. In fact, he knew some new hires were leaving before the end of their very first day!

Something was missing. Clearly, the new hires weren’t finding what they were looking for, even if they were the perfect fit for the position. That missing something was a proper onboarding experience. If an employee can’t see how they contribute to the success of their company and aren’t given the tools and knowledge they need to embrace the culture, they’ll be tempted by other opportunities. Rick knew he needed to help these companies retain great candidates, but how?

Production studio at Enable Education with green screen and teleprompter

The production studio at Enable Education provided the solution. Rick could help educate his current and potential clients about onboarding with carefully crafted videos. Enable Education’s video producer­—a professional with nearly 20 years of broadcast experience—helped Rick shape a rough script into polished ideas.

I’ve never had to do a video like this before and not having the experience the first iteration of it was a little rough but Enable provided a lot of coaching around, you know, body stance, some hand mannerisms. It was valuable coaching and as I went through this I got better and better at it. I found that the final product, the final production to be like, well exceeded, you know, my expectations. It made Search Velocity look like thought leaders in the space because the final product was so professionally done.

Rick Stomphorst


Rick wanted to create these resources but didn’t know where to begin.

His main challenges included:

  • How to craft a natural sounding but authoritative script
  • How to take a complex problem and communicate solutions in short, easily consumed messages
  • How to share information without alienating existing or potential clients
  • How to shoot and edit the videos without purchasing a lot of equipment or spending time on learning how to use it
Rick Stomphorst of SearchVelocity in a video produced by Enable Education about employee onboarding.

I didn’t have to go to some very large formal production facility in downtown Toronto. We have these capabilities here in this area in Milton and Halton and so, timewise, that was very efficient on my time.

Rick Stomphorst

Enable Education helped Rick prepare for his recording session by:

    Conducting pre-production video conferencing to identify key learning objectives for his two videos
  • Providing script consultation and editing
  • Sending an Enable Education e-book with tips for how to dress, what to eat, and how to address his audience
  • Pre-loading scripts into studio teleprompter

Within an hour, Rick recorded a few takes of each video in front of our green screen. Fully edited videos soon followed, complete with customized name banners and brand-aligned graphics.

Enable Education’s Production Studio Has It All

Rick walked into the production studio and was ready to go. The Enable Education Creative Services team took care of post-production of two client training videos about onboarding best practices. When Rick loaded the first video to LinkedIn, he had positive feedback almost immediately. Rick could tell his message resonated with his network when people left comments like “Right on the mark” and “Fantastic video and yes, you’ve got to make that effort with onboarding as an employer. Yes, it takes time but it is so worth it”.

This had multiple benefits:

  • Rick saved time by having the videos produced locally
  • His company now had shareable content that was useful to others
  • Content linking back to his business website helped improve search ranking
  • Rick got quick feedback about his videos
  • Posting videos prompted conversations with new potential clients
  • Videos allow new clients to get to know Rick and appreciate his expertise at early stage
  • Rick’s clients gain new insights about improving their employee retention by addressing their onboarding program

Produce Training Videos for Your Clients

Enable Education made it easy for Rick to produce useful training content for his current and potential clients. We provide full support, from conceptualization to scripting to performance coaching to post-production. Focus on the things that YOU do best, and we’ll handle the rest.

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