Client Geotab
Industry Data and Telematic Technology
Product Type Training Videos

Key Takeaways

  • Geotab was experiencing major headcount growth in key departments (41% in 2018 alone)
  • Original subject matter experts delivered onboarding training but found it disruptive to their regular tasks
  • Head office was still developing a company-wide learning plan and couldn’t yet address urgent needs at the Science Data department level
  • VP of Data and Analytics reached out for Enable Education’s help to bottle the knowledge of the department team leads
  • Enable Education identified key learning objectives and helped produce skill-specific videos to help onboard staff
  • After initial roll-out, Geotab asked for additional help to create a broader training pathway for extended learning
  • Enable interviewed key stakeholders and staff to fully understand Geotab’s future needs, and designed a plan with a variety of digital learning experiences
  • Enable and Geotab are designing hands-on experiences and learning materials for a boot camp style event for all staff

How Enable Education Helped Geotab with Onboarding and Training

Geotab is a growing company based in Oakville, Ontario, that offers fleet tracking solutions to help other businesses leverage data through their connected vehicle platform.

Business was so good, Geotab increased their headcount by over 40% in 2018, again in 2019, and expect a 20-30% increase year-after-year for the foreseeable future, meaning several new hires needed onboarding. Plus, existing employees needed additional training to keep up with the blossoming demands of their clients. Traditionally, employees would have to wait for in-person workshops with long, text-heavy PowerPoint decks to cover complex concepts. Not only was this difficult to schedule, but inefficient. Geotab needed a more engaging way to integrate new staff and upgrade skills across their workforce—and they needed it fast.

Enable Education was able to streamline Geotab’s existing content and convert it into professionally produced videos at their innovative training studio facilities in Milton, Ontario.

A medium shot example of the Enable Education training room video production in action.

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Revamp Your In-House Training


Training at Geotab used to mean team leads had to set time aside to deliver in-person presentations that were hundreds of slides long. Their main challenges included:
  • How to deliver complex content without glossing over important details or overwhelming their employees?
  • How to break down hours of training into easily consumed lessons?
  • How to maximize onboarding while also serving the training needs of existing employees?

Enable to the Rescue

The Data Science department at Geotab met with the adult education experts at Enable Education to review their existing training materials and define learning objectives. Geotab already had lots of great content, but it was long, text-heavy, and too broad to ensure knowledge retention. Enable was able to break large topics down into progressive, focused lessons that lasted 5-15 minutes instead of hours.

This had multiple benefits:

  • Subject experts got specific feedback on their individual presentations to optimize the experience
  • It was easier for a subject expert to deliver a short presentation and maintain energy and focus without physical fatigue
  • Enable’s team coached Geotab presenters on their delivery performance and handled all the technical aspects of recording and editing finished videos
  • The new videos allow learners to absorb information in shorter lessons instead of getting overloaded by too much information all at once
  • Learners could return to and replay these onboarding videos as often as needed saving team leads and trainers time and energy

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  • Geotab produced 2 ½ hours of employee training by spending just 4 hours in the Enable Education training studio recording laser-focused videos.
  • All videos were branded with Geotab colours, fonts, and logos.
  • Geotab deployed the videos to much success and appreciation from the Data Science division.
  • The team has since come back to Enable Education to design a more robust learning pathway for their staff to include interactive materials and trackable progress reports.
A wide shot example of the Enable Education training room video production in action.

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