Ben Zimmer and Amy Leask, Co-Founders of Enable Education

Hi. We’re Ben and Amy. Some might say we’re the brains behind Enable Education. We’re definitely #edugeeks. While working as college professors, we saw how the traditional sage on the stage method of teaching just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Students needed more opportunity to learn with modern tools; these digital natives were ready to reach beyond static books and lecture halls. The will was there, but educational methodology was not.

We knew we could do better.

We wanted to revolutionize education. With our curiosity sparked, we sought out more engaging ways to share knowledge, explore STEM, and promote 21st century skills. Together, we assembled a diverse team of fellow educators, web developers, user experience designers, app & software developers, content creators, and other experts to breathe new life into the learning landscape. And if we’re the brains, they’re the heart of Enable.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to support and enhance the way people teach and learn. Since opening our doors in 2006, our talented team of Enablers has created educational and training resources in just about every media, including:

Web ContentVirtual & Augmented RealityE-Books
Mobile AppsVideosDigital & Print Materials

We’re Passionate

Enable has created innovative resources for learners of all ages, in a wide variety of subject areas, for:
Fast-growing tech businesses in the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor
Cutting-edge STEM education manufacturers
Forward-thinking academic institutions
Leaders in industry worldwide

We’re passionate about the future of education and it shows in our TEDx talks and keynote speeches. We’re honoured to have been recognized with multiple awards for our online training platform called Thinkscape, our children’s books, and for our work with various partners both around the world and right here in Milton, Ontario, a place we proudly call home.

We’re big believers in hands-on, inclusive, immersive learning experiences, and we’re always on the lookout for the next challenge.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

The cosy interior of Enable Education

How do we describe our Enablers?

Revolutionary, Effective, Curious, Inclusive, Passionate, Ethical.

Enable Education Staff Group Shot

Our Team

Ben Zimmer

President & Co-Founder

Ben is not your average computer geek. In addition to being President of Enable Education, he has spent over twenty years in software development, engaging a variety of learners in applied technology. His enthusiasm for teaching and clear commitment to new and innovative ideas has led him to champion the creation of online resources for thinkers of all ages.

See Ben speak about the need for training in the skilled trades.

Amy Leask

Vice President & Co-Founder

Amy is living proof that you can do something good with a philosophy degree (or two, in her case). She is delighted to combine her love of ideas with more than ten years as an educator, curriculum developer, and children’s media producer. Amy firmly believes that great thinkers come in all sizes and is committed to helping people see the power of their own ideas.

See Amy celebrate the arrival of her latest book, “If You Met a Yeti”.

Matt Paterson

Product Development Manager

Before jumping into the wide world of educational development, Matt was a programmer for more than five years. Having studied Nanoengineering, he draws from his programming, science, and engineering experiences as he and his team defines, develops, and delivers training & education material for a range of clients with Enable Education.

Jamie Good

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Jamie brings empathy and humour to the learning experience. With a background in professional speaking, eLearning, and adult training and development, Jamie is well suited to help Enable Education clients build better onboarding and L&D programs to reengage their employees.

Octavian Ciubotariu

Chief Technology Officer

A connoisseur of all things tech, Octavian combines a curiosity for all kinds of technology with a ten year career creating different technologies and software for a wide range of industry applications. With an extensive background in robotics, automation and software development, he oversees all web framework and application development.

Karina Sinclair

Director of Content and Creative Services

After nearly 20 years of working for a national broadcaster, Karina joined Enable to manage the training room, media production studio, and Creative Services team. Her favourite parts of this job include supporting clients during the storytelling process and getting a sneak preview of training materials for all sorts of topics.

Our Enablers have been delighted to help foster lifelong learning for these companies.